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Lucky Horseshoe Blog
What if you are one of those unlucky souls - worthless parents, nasty foster homes, destructive forces everywhere in your life?  Are you doomed?  No, but you missed out on a lot of practical advice.  It is not the ‘what’ to do that you are missing-you can get that from books or mindless internet chatter.  It is the ‘how’ to do it that you are missing.  You are missing the process.  And, process is everything.  It tells you how to take a dream and make it a reality.  Subscribe
Latest Project
"Emerald Order" is a paranormal action story for young adults.

Teenage cousins, struggling to hide their special paranormal talents, discover that they come from an ancient mystical order.  They must confront the religious and moral implications of their ever-growing powers while dealing with the multi-generational hatrid in their extended family and the world around them.  The ultimate test is whether or not they can bring this family together in time to save one of their own who has drifted into the dangerous world of black magic. 

The Emerald Order weaves between the historical events of Afareen, a teen slave living in King Solomon’s palace who leads the first mystical Emerald Order, and the modern day teens, both fighting demons real and imagined.
Sit Stay Productions is the holding company for screenplays, books, poems, short stories, and Lucky Horseshoe branded material written by Lisa Lobue
In describing my life to a new acquaintance, she shouted, "It's as if you were born with a lucky horse shoe up your ass".  I began to wonder if it was truly luck, good planning, or something else entirely. 
- Lisa Lobue, Writer
Desperate screams,
Silenced by the bottle, silenced by work,
Covered up by the busy world.
Pleasant smiles, social laughter, sarcastic jokes,
All dance furiously,
Hoping to hold your eye,
Hoping no one sees the real fear.